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Black is the most elegant color
Feeling everything in black and white colors
Black is my brightest color
Yeah, feling these noir vibes
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Fashion choices are definitely my stuff
A woman sitting on a couch holding a megaphone AI
My style is all about basic colors and simplicity
Young beautiful woman sitting next to a custodian helmet
Such a beautiful gemstone
Yes, it's so funny haha
Not drunk, just alternatively sober and feeling like queen
Almost ready for training time
Well, it's been ages since i've been skating last time
Futuristic hip hop
Ice skating is definitely my passion
Fighting for successful business
She knows how to achieve everything she wants
Self confidence is the main business virtue
Ready to conquer swimming world
I haven't seen him for a long time, he's grown up so much
Creative thinking makes me a little bit tired
Young fashionable woman sitting at the table and leaning her face on hands
Dance of robot
Talking to colleagues
I prepare coffee better than anyone else
But first, coffee
Coffee break at a busy day
How was the name of that song...
Definitely not in mood for jokes
Elegant young woman holding camera
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Noir suits my mood and look quite well
Black is my color and my mood
Elegant young woman in red beret and glasses
Found my perfect sports hobby
Young woman sitting at a table near a police hat
Enchanting her colleagues
Beautiful and ambitious
Beautiful coworker
Is she teasing or flirting?
Shiny smile is the key to all doors
How to slay with a look
She knows her work better then anyone else
Smart is the new sexy
Confident and inspired
Well, let's start the ice skating training
Are you talking to me, boy?
Coffee break at a busy day
Lost in feelings
This is your coffee. it's hot and luscious
Beautiful and ambitious
When you have to wait and feel already bored
I prepare coffee better than anyone else
Just telling latest news, nothing more
Would you like some coffee? i prepare it better than anyone else
I'm not manipulative. i just make people do what i want