Young woman watching something through binoculars
A woman sitting on a couch holding a megaphone AI
A man and woman in their living room AI
Paying attention to the time
Noir suits my mood and look quite well
Well, gonna try my best at doing my work
Well, let's start some pastry cooking here
So, let's add some more colors, huh?
Gonna try my best at cooking sweets
A hobby to relax and show all my imagination
Thinking about ideas for painting pictures
Ready to start work time
Focusing at solving this case
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Preparing a 'visit to' map
Giving a thought to all trip planning
Famale sailor sitting at the table with marine rope on it and holding sailor cap
Feeling everything in black and white colors
Found my perfect sports hobby
Studying map before going on a road
Pastry cooking is quite my hobby
Almost ready for training time
Commandant cousteau and i are ready to sail!
Taking a closer look on things there
Drawing is quite my hobby to do
Agony of creative process
Cigarette smoking is my favorite thing to do
Well, ready to start the swimming training
Monitoring things that are happening
Black is my color and my mood
Young woman sitting on the couch and reading a book AI
A woman sitting at a desk holding a giant pumpkin AI
Seems like i've got a lot to think about
Well, it's time to create perfect picture
Giving a thought to all work ideas
Black is my brightest color
Preparation before taking a journey
Ice skating is definitely my passion
Baking is my passion and my hardwork to do
Taking a closer look to all these things
Painting process got me pensive
It's time to start training time
Yeah, feling these noir vibes
Giving a thought to all these evidences
Well, it's been ages since i've been skating last time
Thinking it's gonna be just a great dessert
Well, let's start training session time
Well, let's start creative process, huh?
A glass of orange juice AI
Getting ready to draw a masterpiece
Who wants to try home made croissants?
Elegant young woman in red beret and glasses
Getting ready to start the work day
Feeling confident about opening this case
Well, let's try skating training
Well, and what should i prepare, huh?
Cooking sweet treats are my kind of hobby
Well, let's start training session
Swimming is my passion and work
Well, there's the first time for every thing...