1M+ icons, illustrations, and photos right in Figma

Forget about graphic stocks. Huge sets of consistent graphics at your fingertips! Simply drag them onto the canvas.
Top-10 Figma plugins
920K users
1M+ graphics
Figma Icons8 plugin

Top-notch graphics from a renowned team

For web, mobile and desktop UIs, social media, ads, marketing, and learning

1 185 600 icons
Pixel-perfect, visually consistent icons for all design needs.
71 656 illustrations
Vector and 3D graphics by top Dribble artists.
140 836 photos
Tons of background-free models and objects, ready-made scenes.
Figma Icons8 plugin
Figma Icons8 plugin

No more googling. Stay focused in Figma

Find the perfect graphics for your designs without leaving Figma.
Ensure consistency
Make your designs look professional and polished
Stay on task
No more scrolling through endless search results
Save time
Save time and streamline your design process

Designed by in-house team

With our plugin, you will enhance your projects with trendy, perfectly matching graphics and add visual harmony to the world.
920K users
Figma Icons8 plugin
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