work zone

Transparent background
In the morning cup of coffee is essential
Seems like there's no building process without shouting
Thinking about amount of work that is about to be done
Resfresh myself and work again
Amount of work to do is enermous
Safety is first thing in street worker's job
Just refreshing myself and then back to work
Thinking about amount of work that is yet to do
Now my task is to set traffic cones for a new paving project
My job hasn't been very creative lately
There's the place we shall surround with traffic cones
Now i have to measure a certain distance...
These cones draw attention to dangerous areas
Got thirsty after all this hardwork
Boss, i need a helping hand here
I've just told the boss that everything's is ready
How many cones do we have here?
Truck is coming, we're ready to unloading of materials
But these work conditions are just nonsence
He makes me so nervous, i can't stand him anymore
Do you know anything about it?
Telling off sometimes is part of work too
Interviewing potential workers is always some kind of fun
I guess, we need to reconsider this
Broken heel, my ex is womanizer, the deadline is tomorrow, but i want to close my eyes and do nothing
Pause after physically demanding job
You're doing well, keep it up
Last preparations and let's get to work
Amount of work that is yet to be done is just enermous
Kinda don't want to start working
Street worker job is a tough to do
Come here, man! i need a helping hand
Waiting for instructions
Waiting for instructions
Just a quick rest from the work
Road worker daily routine
Warning cones should be placed at a certain distance
Good morning, it's my first day here
Being a construction worker isn't easy at all
So, shall i start with traffic cones setting?
Guys, let's call it a day
Truck is coming, we're ready to unloading of materials
Tell our ganger i need more cones
What's written there is not good at all
Last formal checks before starting work process
Figuring out last work details
When you can't stand coworker's incompetence any longer
Could you at least pay some attention to what i'm saying?
Nothing to do, if boss isn't agree with the result
High five before getting to work
Could you tell me exactly what did you mean?