Transparent background
Treat yourself to some shopping
Nothing to say, i'm getting stronger
Let's get this game started!
So contented with the game
Gonna have a game played
Let's het this game started, huh?
Putting all my efforts into basketball training
Even champions get tired
Yeap, i was right, like always
Young girl smiling and being happy
I've been practicing and feeling really ready
Trying my best to improve the technique
Tired but satisfied
Okay, enough shopping for today
Feeling serious about this game
Practicing all these serves and receptions
Professional shopaholic
Enjoying and practicing at the same time
Oh i don't remember how i bought this
Young woman in yellow raincoat and glasses watching in camera and closing half face with her hand
You can't imagine my happiness
Yeah, almost finished
That was a productive shopping trip
Sport is fun, especially when i'm good at it
A little retail therapy
I have to tell you something
Playing and practicing for the game
Just a shopping guru
Just a few shops more
I'm really good at basketball
Feeling really serious about that
Wooh, what a game it was!
Pretty excited about this game
That song really gets me
I have something exciting to share with you, guys
Slightly worn out after the practice
Coming closer to the victory
Throwing this ball like a champion
Feeling really serious about the game
Excited about basketball training
Men do enjoy shopping too!
Practicing all these serves and receptions
Tired but satisfied
Just a few shops more
Well, it's sale time
It's time for a new wardrobe
Impressed with my new technique
Just love shopping
Shhh... don't tell anyone how much i spent
Enjoying my practicing time
Well, let's try my efforts at this
It's time for a new wardrobe
Mmm, that was delicious