Transparent background
Hmm, let me think for a minute
Attractive woman holding her sunglasses next to her mouth in 'thoughtful' position
Thoughtful handsome man having his hands folded
Just leave me for a minute, please
Immersed in the depth of thoughts
Feeling quite relaxed after the shower taking
Thoughts and regrets
I made a mistake
Upset turkish woman looking aside
Sad mature man involved in thoughts
Skin after the shower feels just great
Lost in thought
Well, and what makeup should i do, huh?
Casual work outfit creates the mood too
I need time to think about it a little
What is this feeling
Get a lot of things to think about
I went catanic because of this
Pensive aged woman leaning her chin on hand while sitting at the table
Thinking about work decisions takes a while
Well, time to do finally this call
Pensive young teacher sitting at the table
No matter that the day just started, i'm tired
Household chores make me feel happy
Girl putting in order her clothes
Handsome young man touching his face
Immersed in his thoughts
Involved in thoughts young househusband sitting at the table
Nobody can make this decision for you - it's your call
Which step i have to take next...
How much this artistic work would value on the professional market?
Analyzing past and creating for the future
We definitely need to reconsider this strategy
Feeling a little bit lost in thoughts
Involved in thoughts mature professor bitting eyeglasses
Thoughtful young man
Looking lost and confused because of this
I made a mistake
Pensive young overweight office worker sitting at office desk
Old memories to review
We would need to review this one
Having all these thoughts on my mind
Looking straight in problem's eyes
Young attractive woman holding sunglasses
Pensive young woman holding old yellow rotary phone
We would need to review this one
The mood of this month is sadness
Kinda trying to get into work mood here
Lately i'm not happy with anything
Involved in these work thoughts
Old professor holding globus and looking aside
Need just a few drops of this
Handsome mature man standing in profile
Involved in thoughts young househusband sitting at the table
Pensive young woman sitting in chair and touching her eyeglasses
Remembering that touch
So, it's how the system works
Fashionable old woman looking involved in thoughts
Man in suit holding his hands folded and touching his chin
Puzzled, sleepy and 'full of desire to work'