Who's got the award for best friend ever?
He's such a cutie, isn't he?
A child with a teddy bear AI
My adorable fluffy patient
I like spending time with my doggy
Look, it's some delicious treat
Adore this little creature
Last piece of cake is completely mine
Kid girl giving some treat to a dog
Adorable fluffy red spitz
Let's make a selfie together, sweety
My pal and animal friend
That's how our mornings look like
I look pretty in this poncho, huh?
Do i need to get suspicious about this dig mind?
Love doggy friend so much
I want this doggy for christmas!
How adorable you're
Doggy is thrilled about beauty routine time
Four-legged dreamers
I love you so much, my doggy friend
I'm just a sweetie, ain't i?
You're gonna look even more beautiful
Look at him, he's so sweet
The most loved creature on earth
Let's mend your paw, honey
Hey, take this, think you're gonna like it
Stay still please, you are such a cutie
Having best time with my friend
See, we're having just a great time
I like using computer too
Ready for a full check-in
Here you go, love, take a bone
Young gir holding a spitz
Ready for a full check-in
Enjoyng time with my lovely dog
Injections are needed, sweety
Looking pretty cool in this outfit
Mom is the center of the universe
Wanna take a bone?
My spitz friend is such a sweet boy
Isn't it just lovely, huh?
Have a treat, doggy
Young girl sitting and holding a spitz dog
Look what delicious treat i got you
Here you go, some fresh water
Making selfie with my little cutie pet friend
Posing for a photo with my fluffy friend
This little fluff needs a special vaccination
I can't see any problem, doggie
You're just the sweetest little creature
Tomorrow is a big day and you'va eaten my report
Look at him, isn't he just perfect?!
Just back off and let me have my dinner
Would you please get this fluffly nuisance out of there
Dog isn't just my pet, it's my friend
Don't be afraid, honey, it's just simple injection
Having this beauty to keep me company
Focusing on pulse examination