Spacious kitchen after renovation
Lower it down right here
Chipped paint texture
Please, go around, the passage is closed
Sometimes i have some rest too
Yeah, we're gonna rock this building
Assisting to forklift operator
When this building thing is not good at all
The passage is temporarily closed
I don't have any idea at all how to use this
In good mood in all weathers
Female hand holding paint brush
Few minutes of break is just needed
Focused on managing the building
Watching out for people's safety at the construction site
That's the stuff i usually work with
Gonna have lovely painting time
Yeah, i'm not good with technical equipment at all
He's used to operating power tools
That's the best jackhammer i've ever worked with
Please, choose another way, repair work ahead
Getting building spot ready for work
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Seems. i've got to take a little break
Managing building process
Get a bit closer!
Little break from the renovation process
Silence, cleanliness, calmness and moisturizing mask - the perfect ending of the working day
Construction worker using radio phone and showing somewhere
Could you tell me exactly what did you mean?
A bright morning of the brand new year
Spacious kitchen after renovation
I need more detailed explanation of this
Construction work is about to start
He makes me so nervous, i can't stand him anymore
Pretty excited about this building
Pause after physically demanding job
It's so cool, i've never used a jackhammer before
Young female builder standing on stepladder and holding a file
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Telling off sometimes is part of work too
Just a quick rest from the work
Get ready for unloading of materials
Yeap, need to catch a breath and just relax a little
Road worker daily routine
Gotta catch a breath and refresh myself a little
I'm really good at working with a jackhammer
Well done, man!
Street worker using radio phone and showing stop gesture
Female and male street workers looking at file and discussing it
When you buy a paint roller to your paint brush it gets obvious there's some serious work ahead
I've just told the boss that everything's is ready
Assistance to loading and unloading of materials is one of his duties
Thinking about possible renovation decisions
Lilac paint brush
Back off a little more, man!
Road worker repairing a pavement
Street worker using radio phone and showing to move closer
When this building thing is not good at all
My job hasn't been very creative lately