Transparent background
Working as a surgical nurse is ultimately rewarding
Young fenale medical worker standing with her hands crossed
Getting ready to giving injections
Gloves should fit snugly around wrists and hands
Just relax, it's gonna be quick and fast
Concerned on some injections' preparing
Smiling nurse holding some pills
Only disposable syringes are used in medical procedures
Don't look at me, i'm just having fun
Don't worry, it won't hurt
Let's see how this one will react
We've got some injections to do
C'mon, i'm just relaxing after shift
I know how to make injections gently
Injection practice
Shh... i can't talk, i'm at work
You are my favourite patient, do you know that?
What did you say? i've to work this weekend?
Therapeutic alternatives
Ready for a new working day
What does that mean?
I remember, i learned it during my freshman year
Take two tablets twice a day
Just a basic health examination
Is there something i can help you with?
What can i help you with?
Focused on good injection's preparation
Your appointment is confirmed
Medication mistake
The result of analysis is really concerning
Wearing sterile gloves protect our patients
Our hands is a vehicle for transmitting infection between patients and medical staff
I know how to safely remove disposable gloves
Don't worry, it won't hurt
Accurate and attentive at work
So what? trick or treat first?
We've got some injections to do
If you'll behave well, you'll get an apple
Don't worry, darling, i'll take care of you
So you'll feel a little discomfort now
Concentrated on injection's preparation
It's really a good vaccine
See, i said it'd be quick and without pain
So, i insert the needle into the muscle at a certain angle...
I know how to make injections gently
Stressed doctor having a call
Your health is my priority
Medication mistake
Oh no, i think i confused the prescription
Such a tiresome day
Refreshing her knowledge
Hm... what does this word mean?
How to master drug names and remember dosages?
Young doctor holding stethoscope on her neck and looking st something attentively
Let's get some work done here
Are you ready for vaccination?
Sometimes situations at work can be tough
Smiling doctor talking on the phone
Medication mistake
Ready for a new working day