This is just between us
Bookshelves packed with books
These two kids have different attitude towards school
It's a great story, you should read it too
Front view of young woman in a jumpsuit holding the rubik's cube
Well, surgical mask is the must to wear
Young arab woman rejecting to read a book
Open book
Education drive
Muslim teacher explaining a book
I like to stay on top of things, you know
Discovering new info
Hope, this surgical mask makes me look more 'doctorish'
Focused on getting a good outcome
Seems like too many books already
Hm... what does this word mean?
Dreaming of future wealth
Peace everybody!
Young woman sitting at the table and reading a magazine
Getting through to get some info
I don't understand it
Inquisitive mind
So, how are we doing here?
A gesturing woman with a book looking sideways
Muslim teacher explaining a book
Hmm, what should i write here
A covered muslim woman reading a book
Education drive
That's easy!
Paper books? what's that?
Bookshelves packed with books
The more you know, the more you grow
Think it's time to take a break
Front view of young woman in a jumpsuit holding the rubik's cube
Happy to see his schoolmates
Okay, little know-it-all, i'll fix you later
Impressed with some digital stuff
He has his exams today
So much material to cover
It would be nice to take a walk now...
Practicing the professional routine
Getting ready for a new day at school
Sometimes knowledge is overwhelming
Young handsome teacher holding a book
Poor thing, he has tons of homework every day
My schoolbag weighs more than me!
A covered arab woman holding a book on her knees
I've been missing school during vacations
Was having a nice reading session
Young man holding an orange book and looking somewhere
Dreams about holidays
A young woman turning the pages of a book
When the first lesson is maths
Holding a closed book
This idea occupies my mind so forcefully
Avocado is the chocolate of the fruits
Naptime during lesson
Getting new knowledge together
A muslim woman with a book looking sideways
Ok, i gotta go to school, see you!