This colour suits me better than my mom
Happiness? good whiskey, a good cigar and a great conversation
I gonna kill this annoying fly
Aged good looking man saying something right to the phone
Aged man looks totally involved in phone talk
This digital device is quite a thing
Guy puts a fist under his brother's chin
This colour suits me better than my mom
It's proved that cigar smoking helps the brain think
Aged man holding phone and looking little surprised
Even now as in good old times
Aged man talking on the phone and looks involved in conversation
Old professor holding globus and looking aside
Severe looking old professor holding globus and pointing something
Aged man focused on using ipad
Come on, you can tell me everything you want
Aged couple sitting at table and looking at digital tablet
Makeup delight
I'm telling you guys, this lipstick suits me
We gather here for conversation and a good smoke
What could be better than enjoying a cigar over good conversation
Stunned mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Old professor seems like saying something and holding a tablet
Well, and what we're gonna do about that?
Aged man involved in phone conversation
I'm good at putting makeup, aren't i?
Some people meditate, i smoke cigars
Would you like to try this cigar
Thinking about all these work things
Got pensive a little bit while talking
You have no chance of getting out now
Ok, and now tell me what's this?
I just can't go with what's written here
Old professor holding tablet with one hand
We all learned a little something and somehow
He's got that too-innocent look on his face
Coffee break time in company of my wife
Well, call me a tech addict from now on
Hey, what's happening there?
This colour suits me better than my mom
Old professor holding fists like bunny ears
Just keep calm and smoke a cigar
When science work's been just great
I see i failed to convince you...
I like to stay on top of things, you know
Good looking aged man holding tablet and showing thumb up
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
What the hell are they doing there?
Serious mature professor adjusting glasses and seems like not understanding something
You leave me alone or i'll twist your neck
This means not cool at all
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Only great men smoke cigars
He's a real gentleman in every way
Mature professor seems to don't understand something
My first lipstick
Wow, i didn't know you've got this movie
Involved in thoughts old professor holding globus
Sharing cigars is part-and-parcel of cigar smoking culture
Age and experience made him wise