Beautiful young woman holding cucumber slices against her eyes
Smiling young plus-size model in red evening dress holding trophy
Facing this day with smile
Being so comfortable with myself
Finding pleasure in little things like the nice sensations you get while combing your hair or the freshness of early morning is a super important and uplifting habit
Kisses and best wishes to everyone!
Warm tea for warmth in the heart
Raising our voice 'cause we have what to say
These muscles were gained with a lot of hard work
Three-quarter view of a middle-aged woman smiling and looking aside
When you've overtrained a little
Let's put things in the normal healthy way
Not paying attention to any measurements
Young plus-size model in red evening dress looking aside and shouting using megaphone
Loving yourself means love your body too
Remembering about water balance
Great and healthy body isn't about measurements
Nothing can bring my mood down
Drinking tea after shower on saturday morning and feeling like the happiest person on earth
Getting recognised for all i've done
Treated myself with some new clothes
Raising the voice when it's needed
Forget all the chores i was going to do, i'm spending this morning on myself
Should've payed attention long time ago but not just right before date
Young overweight man trying to close shirt on him
Seems like i need more time to close this thing
Music and sport make perfect morning
Thanks for visiting me please don't do it again, the way out is over here
Being happy with yourself is what really matters
Sport lifts mood to the maximum
A fat man standing with his hands on his hips and laughing
Warm enough for a light jumpsuit, cool enough for a nice jacket is my favourite type of weather
Is there something distracting me from sport routine?
Um, i mean who would have chosen some plain boring vegetable over a beautiful chocolate doughnut?
Yeap, got some shopping done
Great mood and sport make me just adore everything
Who said women are weak, huh?
Predicting that this night is gonna be just amazing
Buying a lot of stuff feels really great
What to say? i worked really hard for it
Just me being me
Should've payed attention long time ago but not just right before date
Facing this day with smile
Not sticking to any beauty standards
Strong and powerful as never before
Loving yourself means love your body too
Great night it's gonna be
Facing this day with smile
Hey there, world and everyone!
Who said women are weak, huh?
What a beautiful day to feel happy
Should i continue doing exercises?
Big guy in sportswear screaming on excitement and holding trophy
Ohh a cup of nice hot tea, what can be better than this?
Did you know that the toothpaste usage dates back to 3000 bc and the ancient egyptians were the ones who did it? thanks for contributing to my dental health, guys!
Are there rules about body shape?
Young plus-size model in sportswear holding hand weights
measurements don't create the beauty
Still so surprised with receiving it
Hit by a sudden wave of memories