Smiling young plus-size model in red evening dress holding trophy
Warm enough for a light jumpsuit, cool enough for a nice jacket is my favourite type of weather
What? it's been on sales
I was pretty happy with my early awakening until i realised it was pm time
Girl's got real strength inside
Being so comfortable with myself
See, you can deal this weight like a real pro
I should have thought it through and add at least some salt to this absolutely unnecessarily disgusting meal
Finding pleasure in little things like the nice sensations you get while combing your hair or the freshness of early morning is a super important and uplifting habit
How are you feeling there, mr cat?
Great mood and sport make me just adore everything
Warm tea for warmth in the heart
Well, who wants to join sportive club?
Raising our voice 'cause we have what to say
Honestly, i don't even care about results, i just like the process
Big guy in sportswear holding tennis racket and tennis ball
Predicting that this night is gonna be just amazing
Buying a lot of stuff feels really great
'cause there's no better fun than mixing karaoke and sport
When you've overtrained a little
Big guy in sportswear picking salad leaves from the plate
Hope this little guy is feeling better right now
Not paying attention to any measurements
Facing this day with smile
So, you're trying to tell me that these numbers have something to do with my attractiveness? lies, lies
What do you mean i forgot to wind it up
Young plus-size model in red evening dress looking aside and shouting using megaphone
Good relationship with your body is a straight way to happiness
Loving yourself means love your body too
Big guy measuring his waist with cloth ruler
Laughing big guy in sportswear lifting hand weights
A side view
Facing this day with smile
Is there something distracting me from sport routine?
Kinda awake, kinda asleep
Um, i mean who would have chosen some plain boring vegetable over a beautiful chocolate doughnut?
Big guy in sportswear lifting hand weights
sport is not about struggling and overcoming only, sometimes it's just having fun and enjoying yourself
Yeap, got some shopping done
Kisses and best wishes to everyone!
Looks like big pa can't stop himself from eating sweets
Calm young plus-size model listening to music on laptop
Who said women are weak, huh?
Young overweight man throwing tennis ball with a racket
Now i'm having a prize for all my efforts
Trying to keep balance with these apples
These muscles were gained with a lot of hard work
Considering carefully what should i buy
What to say? i worked really hard for it
Doing sports exercise and just enjoying music
Just me being me
Let's put things in the normal healthy way
A magic trick with disappearing doughnut!
Tired big guy in sportswear lifting hand weights
I think i'll just have both
Time to break those awful beauty standards, literally
Not sticking to any beauty standards
Getting mr cat a decent look for today
Strong and powerful as never before
It's time to get mr cat back to shape