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Little coworkers' discussion about work stuff
Here, pay attention to this line here
It takes two minds to bring a creative idea
When your colleague came up with great idea
Well, this info looks quite good
Male colleagues sitting at the table and working on tablet
Oh, that's some new kind of information
Sharing creative ideas with the colleague
Attentive to all details
They think it's a great idea, huh?
Oh well, that looks interesting
Focused on checking newsfeed
Can't wait for our work to start
What do you think about our new partners?
Couple sitting at the table and working on the novel
Preparing for some valuable deal
Feeling a little blown away with this info
Watching funny videos
Appreciating this new technology
Old woman and young guy looking on digital tablet
Can i help you with your work?
Do you see my point?
Can i help you with your work?
Team work
Yes, that report is really interesting
I'm glad to meet you
Well, we need do something about that
an older woman and a young man working together
Quite impressed with this info
Architects teamwork in action
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Taking a closer look on work stuff
Talking about work stuff
Discussing work projects
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Gosh, this new tablet quality is so good that i can't even look at it
Two male colleagues looking at tablet and talking about work
Gossipers make me feel insecure
Talking about work issues
Man in suit with light smile on the face looking at the tablet
Male colleague showing a tablet to his male colleague
When your boss gives you a compliment
Seems like we have to fix something here
We're both interested in technology stuff
Guess, i know what to do about that
Two young nerds sitting at the table and using gadgets
And how do you like this one?
We should get some more info about this
I think you will fit in
Let's discuss this project
You need to proofread this part
Invading private space
What do we need is to draw up a plan
Two young nerds sitting at the table and using gadgets
A little too close, maybe?
Nice chatting with colleagues
Look at this, this sounds interesting
Business people working in an office AI