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Should i add a bit more of a highlighter?
Makeup is my greatest passion
I didn't get to watch sakura petals this year so i'm gonna become one of them
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I think i'll go with this one
Adding mascara to create easy day make up
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What are you looking at
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Still can't decide whether this tone was a good or a bad idea
Trying to find better wifi
Well, which one is the best for my skin tone?
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It's just perfect for my skin
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The night is young and we're living only once!
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Wondering is this gonna work fine on my skin?
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Giving myself a decent make up
What a wonderful morning
I'm not _looking good_ today, boy, i'm freaking gorgeous
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A young woman in a white coat and a white scarf AI
And what skin tone should i go with today, huh?
Music is a celebration of life
New album of her favourite singer is up
Your babe will never look this good
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I wonder how vampires do their skin care routine if they can't see themselves in a mirror
Tough choice
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Just another day of a beauty blogger
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Medication mistake
After shower and with mask looks like a decent look for selfie
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I need to know how it'll look like from all the possible angles
Such a wonderful feeling
Eye see you
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
Yes? what can i help you with?
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And how on earth can i choose some of these?
Your health indicators look completely fine to me