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Guess, selfies with tongue out are popular nowadays
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
God, keep our new backend from bugs and lags!
Dealing with difficult customers
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
How many times do i have to tell you this?
Listen to me carefully!
Guess, it's right the time to get back to work
Being a boss means to succeed at multitasking
And how she could've done it, huh?
Boss is unsatisfied with employee's work and telling her off
Boss is unsatisfied with employee's work and telling her off
Everyone has his own way of meditation
A man in a suit and tie AI
Stop you, you're making me blush
Coworkers girls talking business and girls' stuff
Don't let me down, ok?
And how we have to cope with this youngsters?
Good heavens, her report is a complete mess
And what should we do now, huh?
She'd better turn down the volume
How could've you messed up everything?
How could've you been so irresponsible?!
Young man holding a book and a woman standing beside him AI
Predatory smile
That's how blowing sky-high looks like
Educational process came to a dead-lock
I've been dying to tell you this
A man in a white suit standing in front of a desk AI
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Business could get personal too
Business could get personal too
Man talking to a female colleague with surprised facial expression
God knows
I'm sorry but your report serves no purpose
Hey, be careful with that, ok?
A woman working on a laptop AI
You beter be careful with this, you know
Young office worker reaching out to touch his female colleague's butt
Young man and woman looking at each other AI
Young couple in the office AI
Business people in the office AI
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
A woman is keeping her hand near her brow and woman on the chair with a laptop is laughing with a black man drinking coffee
You shouldn't forget about that, ok?
Colleagues looking at some work things on the computer
He can think only about work
Bad news
Cleavage never fails, they say
I'm asking you what's that thing
Attractive businesswoman working at cafe
Glad to find like-minded people
A man and woman look at a screen in an office AI
Finally he's found someone to replace me
Making business dreams real
Female boss and male employee figuring out work stuff
I guess we should make a little change here
Because of you this stuff got worse
Team spirit
Portrait of a happy business team AI