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Getting these make up skills form the very young age
Young woman holding a credit card in her hand AI
Sometimes parents forget that kids have ears too
Maybe, we should provide kiddo with some make up lessons?
Mom and daughter pretending talking on the phone
We all learned a little something and somehow
Hey, look what i can do!
She's got serious attitude to her job
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This colour suits me better than my mom
Trying to draw mum's attention
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Sorry dad, mom can't respond, she's on her phone
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It's hard sometimes to manage with feelings
No stress, just relax and enjoy life
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One more yawn and i shall send you out of the class
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Little more powder and i can go out
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Girls always have something on their mind
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Honey, don't tell me that you've used all my lipstick
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Mom is busy and i'm busy too
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As like as two peas
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This colour suits me better than my mom
As mother as daughter
Need a day off not just at work, but at home too
Figuring out how to use this stuff
When it comes to phone talks - as mother as daughter
I'm talking the same way my mom was talking
How can she say things like that?
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I can play on my own while my mom is busy
Just a proper moment for a selfie
I took your phone just for one minute!
My brother is such a snitch
I look good, don't i?
Mom, i wish i could eat this for breakfast and dinner
Mother and baby looking at each other AI
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'i mean it!'
Little miss makeup
Stop playing tricks on me, or i'll get angry!
Seems like someone's started developing taste
Little more powder and i can go out
Sorry, i'll never do that again
Secrets of a great photo: beautiful model and professional photographer
Don't make me angry, or you'll regret it!
Fancy hairstyle turned out into a huge mess
Mom, just don't tell anyone, okay?
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I wonder how vampires do their skin care routine if they can't see themselves in a mirror