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Young woman doing some craft from the seashells
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
Young collector of herbarium
Gonna have glass of milk
Knitting here kinda brings me to my safe zone
I'm so glad in childhood mum taught me how to do this
Enchanted by the beauty of old places
Having glass of milk for the breakfast is my essential
Perfect way to escape into my world
Cute young woman making some handicraft in the kitchen
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
Some recipes to stay healthy and beat the autumn flu
Being an accountant isn't easy
Wondering what to cook with these
I'm starting getting into this painting therapy
Wondering what to cook with these
Natural and healthy treat
Female architect holding triangular ruler
Fresh and organic stuff we have here
Healthy recipes on the way
Working on these samples correction
These colors, this odor, life is full of enjoyment
Like to rewatch some old postcards
This isn't as hard as i thought
Need just a few drops of this
Cactuses are just like my soul
Beautiful young woman sitting at the table, holding cup and checking info
I'm wondering if i ever will be able to finish it
All study time just for myself
The final picture must be interesting
I'm gonna be one of a kind with this self made look
There is something romantic in finding dry flowers folded between books' pages, isn't it?
Memory flashbacks of good old times
Don't look at me, i like cactuses more than roses
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
When you try to develop all skills on 100 percent
Deeply involved in reading things
Numbers require attention
At least i've found a way to express myself
Creating new architecture isn't easy
Doing theory part for the construction
Gonna do some more pots of these, they're good, no?
Counting in vintage way
Waiting for the company to start the real fun
All study time just for myself
Young attractive girl working on puzzle
How about some friendly battle, huh?
Grandma would proud of me
Thinking about some cooking ideas
Architecture work requires attention
Got some natural gifts of the season
Creative thinking makes me a little bit tired
Young girl in pink shirt at the table holding a yellow bow
Coffee break during the work day is essential
Young girl at the table playing video games
A lot of thoughts to deal with
This is what i need in the morning
Realizing architecture ideas
Feeling so enchanted by the reading