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Let's see what we can do here
The smartest kid in the block
Ready to solve problems
Thumbs up for new technology
Let's see what we can do here
Oops, failed again
Arms crossed
Creative thinking is a long process
The world belongs to those who read
Dreams of graduation
It is no laughing matter
Arms crossed
Living in a world of ideas
But we still have time before exams, right?
I know the solution!
Cool and casual
Friendly smile
Can't get through this mission
Four plus five equals...
He is a diligent student
Gaming triumph
And how on earth this could be possible?
Don't understand what's happening
I would like you to understand that...
Giving a fresh look to this book
Did i get you right?
Getting obsessed with an idea
Man in casual clothes standing
Ready to face the problems
A bit tired but ready to work
Do you reall think it will work out?
The highest level of concentration
Dreams of graduation
No more work for today
My perfect evening
Worry less, smile more
Young handsome man standing half sideways
Running out of time and trying to sum up everything in five minutes
Is the universe expanding or contracting?
Confident and serious
Not the best result in gaming
Everyone smiles in the same language
Elegant classic style is his choice
I found the best solution
Confident and serious
Ready to face the problems
Can't believe i failed the task
Giving a thought to all this what's happening
Office employee looking at a camera
A smiling fat man looking flattered with his eyes dropped
Practicing his oratorical skills
Be quiet in the library
I'm fine and feel great
Portrait of a young bearded man isolated over gray background
A man in a suit stands in front of a black background AI
Happy and excited young man holding a joystick
A fat man shaking his fist at someone
Always in connection