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Breaking point
She's just survived the night shift
Too many appointments...
Coffee doesn't work
Worn out by long working day
Coffee doesn't work
Worn out by long working day
Coffee doesn't work
She's exhausted
Breaking point
Side view of a man sitting on the floor and working on laptop AI
I'm so not in the mood for all this work
Young woman lying on the bed with laptop AI
This paperwork is seriously getting to me
Like a squeezed lemon
Such a stressful day
Such a stressful day
She's exhausted
Need to take a nap after all these work
Oh, feels like i've been working too hard
Work of mind
Handsome teacher thinking about something
Young businesswoman looking stressed and tired
Tired young woman sleeping at her workplace
I can't fall asleep, the cut-off is tomorrow! brain, get up!
Oh no, it's not time for a headache
No coffee, no workee
Coffee doesn't work
Thinking about new work ideas might take a while
Portrait of a young man sitting in front of a laptop AI
Coffee doesn't work
Man sitting on the couch and working on laptop AI
Young woman working on a laptop in the office AI
Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
He just couldn't any longer
Coffee doesn't work
I need to relax
Young businesswoman sleeping at her workplace
Man sleeping on the couch AI
Give yourself a break
Taking time to relax and unwind
Woman sitting at the table with laptop AI
Young asian student in a sweater sleeping on the table
She's exhausted
Drained out of energy
I'm blocked, stuch here, can't provide any idea
Portrait of a young business woman sitting at her desk and working on a laptop AI
Broken heel, my ex is womanizer, the deadline is tomorrow, but i want to close my eyes and do nothing
Oh i'm so sleepy today
Well, i hope it will work out
Businessman working in the office AI
Man sleeping in the kitchen AI
A pause and a moment to care about my appearance
Woman sitting at a desk in an office AI
What am i doing this weekend? hmm, i don't have any plans yet
Emergency napping
She's got a deep insight into her work
Got tired a little bit
Preparing a report for a meeting