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Seems like we have nothing to afraid here
Woman doctor looking at x-ray
A doctor examining an x-ray of a chest
A doctor looking at chest x-ray
Standing back to camera female doctor looking at x-ray scan she's holding
Taking a look on notes before starting work day
Smiling even in the middle of an intensive work day
Going through work stuff before starting the day
Checking patient's x-ray scan
Young female doctor looking worried about info on digital tablet
Young man in the office AI
Feeling great and ready to start work day
Well, guess, i need to hear out the others about that
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
Taking into consideration some serious questions
Woman doctor in face mask checking x-ray
Establishing a diagnosis
In this case we can easily solve situation with pills
Well, i'm ready to cure diseases and solve all the problems
Woman doctor looking at information on tablet and thinking
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Seems like intensive work day is ahead
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
In the middle of thinking over all the work stuff
Thinking about curing diseases
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Original ways to establish diagnosis
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A doctor holding a stethoscope
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Checking x-ray scan again before examining patient
So, i have a little concern about this thing here...
Examining x-ray photograph before making a diagnosis
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Proposing colleague to take a look on this x-ray scan
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Thinking about all that work stuff
Three-quarter back view of a thoughtful female doctor analyzing x-ray image
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Preparing myself before work
Gosh, guess, i need a break from all this
Collective discussing before starting the work
Is everything ok there, doctor?
I feel like something is wrong with it but i don't know what
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Hmm, don't see anything out of ordinary here
Talking about all the work stuff with the colleague
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Skipping through routine process before starting examination
Talking about work stuff with the colleagues
Well, how about we take this one into consideration
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Typical day at hospital looks like this
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So this's the part where we have a problem
What does that mean?
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Hm... looks interesting