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You're so soft and fluffy
A gift from him
I love my teddy bear just as much as when i was little
He's my fluffy friend
Little kid girl in blue dress holding ragdoll cat
Well, shopping therapy went quite well
Remember me as i am
I will cherish my keepsake forever
It needs love and care just the way we do
Isn't it just lovely, huh?
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
Baby boy sitting on the bed AI
Shopping time is my favorite thing to do
Never getting tired of shopping
Just me and my teddy
Kid girl holding spitz dog
Taking work stuff into consideration seriously
He's grown up so fast
Young woman holding shopping bag with vegetables and looking down
What a sweet boy it is
Well-well, how do you feel, mr alpaka?
What a wonderful creature it is
Look at this cutie pie
This new detergent smell really wonderful
Just can't handle my emotions, you know
Mood isn't great at all
Beautiful office worker holding tablet close to her and looking to the camera like dreaming
All beauty routine before getting out and facing the day
Young indian woman using face massager
Having best time with my friend
Dreams of love
Look how cute he is
Little boy holding a teddy bear AI
Stressless moving with pets
A girl with a teddy bear AI
Smiling young indian woman wiping face with his towel
Isn't it just lovely, huh?
I can give you my favourite bear
Little girl telling her toy bear to make a wish under a christmas tree
Keeping me company and making me happy
I love you so much, my doggy friend
He's my fluffy friend
Thinking over once again is it worth it
What a wonderful fluffy friend i've got, look
Keep in step with the times
Finding ideas for some new project
Young woman holding reusable shopping bag with vegetables
Seems like i've done too much shopping this time
Taking her friend for a walk
My four paws friend is just adorable
Starting the day with the very essential routine
I love you so much, my doggy friend
A young woman having trouble breathing
Special teddy to remember a special person
Adore this little fluffy creature
A tiny cute little surprised potato
Let me present you my greatest four paws friend
Having just the best shopping time
Got some fresh mushrooms
Girl showing a 'bad' gesture