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Well, today i'm going for some simple hairstyle
Young beautiful blonde woman
Playful pretty woman
Realising something went wrong in the middle of the process
All beauty routine before getting out and facing the day
Young beautiful blonde woman
Such a wonderful feeling
Preparing myself for morning time routine
Young beautiful blonde woman
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A sleeping cutie
Drying hair could be a lot of fun too
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Hair problems won't make us weak
And how on earth do i have to fix it somehow?
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Am i doing it right
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Do i look like an elf? i think i look like an elf. i only lack pointed ears, but it's easy to fix.
All ready for my beauty sleep
Starting the day with the very essential routine
Essential body care routine
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Creating my very own hairstyle for today
Guess i've forgotten about something important
Giving a thought to possible look of the day
Ponytail is great and simple option for busy day
Good morning everyone except the person who invented waking up before 9
Playful pretty woman
Should i do a ponytail or just go with what i have?
Thinking of the day that passed
Thinking about it as a fun time
Pretty young girl in bathrobe stretching hands
Going through essential beauty routine before starting the day
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In the great mood from the very morning
A young woman in a white coat and a scarf AI
Guess, it's right the time to take care of my hair
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Enjoying the sensations
You think i'm looking at my reflection in the mirror but in reality i'm watching a suspicious person in the window behind me
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Last time i did it the cologne got into my eyes but this time i have a better plan: i'm not gonna look at it at all
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Healthy perfect skin
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