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Shh... don't tell anyone
Two young women sitting together
Feeling so good together
A blonde and a brunette
Two happy girls hugging
Two young women making faces
Enjoying great time together with my friend
Two young women sitting together
Image of a young woman holding a laptop AI
Warm hugs make us happy
Just enjoying this time together with my love
Young woman looking at a laptop screen AI
It's right the time to get back to work
Girly chatteting and tea drinking
Well, we're ready to face the work day
Friendly and powerful women team
Credulous customers are ready to believe anything
Working with these ladies is so much pleasure
Just feeling myself gorgeous in the company of this girl
Well, and what does this thing mean?
Having just the best time with my beauty friend
Spending time with girlfriend is so precious
Evaluating our efforts we've put in project
I can't believe it, you finally finished your report
Have a lot on my mind to dream about
All you need is sleep
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Oh, these cookies really taste like heaven
Confidence is the key
A blonde and a brunette
Two happy girls hugging
That feeling when you find your soulmate
That's a secret, don't tell anyone
She's mine
You're my treasure
Talks and hugs
Look, i'm taller than you
Playful and cheerful
Discovering digital money making
Didn't i tell you that it's cold outside?
We're so beautiful, aren't we?
Sharing secrets with each other
I'm always here for you
Having just the best time with this lady
Shh... its our secret
When we take the case it's women power in action
Fall evenings were created for warm friendly talk time
Evaluating our efforts we've put in project
The power of three
Thinking about all these great things
Now let's go to take some hot chocolate, what do you think?
Welll, me and these ladies make just a great team
Work time is about to get started
Our bond is unbreakable
Yeap, work has been going just great
Work time in the best female company ever
Having the most serious intentions about this work time
Having these lovely talks and just enjoying cacao
You know what...