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Here we are!
Just a casual selfie with my best friend
...and one more!
Rabbit ears for my bestie
Capturing a moment
Look, that dog is so funny
Capturing a moment
No, that's you my little sweet one
There's new couture chick on the block
The night is young and we're living only once!
Hi! look who's there
Sharing emotions with each other
Aren't we the best couple of the year?
What on earth is that?
Happy, cozy and comfortable
Discussing some uni stuff
Happy couple using a tablet in the living room AI
Going out with my bff is so much fun!
Nowadays 'talking to friends' would be like...
Yes, i caught them together, they look happy
I'm such a cute little one, don't you think?
Woman drinking a glass of red wine AI
Girls, ready to have some fun at the party?
Girls talks
Casually beautiful
Girly talks
Time flies when you're having fun
Come on guys, we're having an important exam today!
It's always good time for a selfie
Not my hair, please!
...and one more!
You can't have too many selfies, what do you think?
Two young girlfriends making selfies together
When your friend is a selfie maniac
Aren't we the best couple of the year?
Air kiss to everybody
Two young girlfriends chatting and laughing
Eww do you see that?
How cute is that!
Capturing a moment
Can't believe she didn't stop herself from posting it
Inseparable duo
Oh, it's so sweet! haven't seen you in a while!
Capturing a wonderful moment
Inseparable duo
Let's loosen up today a little
Mean girls judging everyone
Young couple embracing and a girl talking on the phone
This new haircut need to be posted
Haha look at them!
Casually beautiful
These lovebirds get on my nerves
Have you seen this video? it's amazing
I'll give you a lug!
Just another day at uni
Young pretty girl making a selfie
Girls talks
He's dating someone else, i tell you
Dance like nobody is looking
We are best friends for ages