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How to become a perfumer
Anticipation of new scent
Enjoying tunes
And how am i supposed to tuck it into this ultra thin laptop, harold
Time to create a masterpiece
Thinking over seashells craft ideas
I'm catastrophically unsure of what i am meant to do with that thing
Give me back my laptop screen
This is all i know in the computer repairing field so let's hope it'll do the trick
Going on business trip
I should be able to meet all the challenges
The seller said it is the newest model on market, but i am a bit unsure about this "made in ussr" label
Analysing information
You'd better not interrupt me while i'm holding anything even remotely dangerous in my hand
Young guy sitting at the table and closing a box
Young businessman having a phone conversation
Let's see what we've got here...
Laughing young caucasian student sitting at the table and writing something down in the notebook
Checking email first thing in the morning
Trying to clarify the info
Work that requires precision and accuracy
Guessing about new ideas to create
Checking newsfeed in the morning is just essential
Money won is twice as sweet as money earned
Young overweight man sitting at the desk and pointing on small blackboard
Young professor explaining something and pointing with a hand
Charismatic and confident
A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away
Tuning vintage transistor radio
Listening to music
Seashells crafts
Thinking over what we've just been talking
He's got professor potential
Seashells collection
Seashells crafts
When you don't understand the conversation
Considering every single detail
I'm not saying you should've dusted it more often, but something is looking at me from here right now
male embroiderer
Any ideas what should i write about?
Not forgetting about god in my soul
Don't you see i'm busy with snapping this wire
Morning news got me thinking...
Working on digital architect samples
I've got a new trimmer for your hair
Working on ideas would be like...
Dominoes are fun to play with
Taking digital notes
I'm fine and feel great
Thinking and rethinking all possible options
Man in shirt standing with hands behind head
Oh, that's really surprising
Time to think a little