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Humour is a key to success at work
Thank you for coffee!
Involved in some case solving
You won't believe your ears but...
Is he hitting on me or just being friendly?
Hey, i just wanted to ask your name
Things you're saying to me are really amazing
He can think only about work
So what do you think about our rate of business growth?
This irresponsibility of yours costed us a contract
It's always nice chatting with you
Freshly brewed coffee for you, madam
She has no idea what is happening behind her back
I'm speechless
Can i help you with your work?
I've asked you to fix it, not to make it even worse
You're so nice and serious...
Colleagues involved in discussing some work stuff
Predatory smile
I'd better kiss you for real
She's looking thoughtful today
Just feeling good together
Colleagues looking at some work things on the computer
She's seriously asking him for a date
The best adventure ever
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Who was responsible for that thing?
Is he serious or just making fun of me?
You shouldn't forget about that, ok?
Humour is a key to success at work
So have you heard the joke about two hunters?
Well, what's your opinion about that?
Attractive young businesswoman looking oon the cup of coffee that she's holding
Have you heard that our boss is going to get married?
You've surprised me with this news
Cleavage never fails, they say
It all starts with a good chat
Clink, clink, another drink
Attractive young office worker holding acup of coffee
Oh god, i can't believe it!
No kidding!
Just sitting here and waiting for some attention from this smartphone addict
It's your responsibility too
Thank you very much
Yah, we won! high five!
It's amazing to work with you!
You were supposed to get it done yesterday!
Colleagues involved in discussing some work stuff
It's on your responsibility from now on
A proper moment for love confession
Colleagues discussing some work things
No coffee, no workee
Tender feelings to a coworker
Don't let me down, ok?
When work is also a pleasant time spending
So, the past few weeks have been insane...
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Stop you, you're making me blush
Male trying to bite something and his female colleague laughing hard
Business people at a meeting AI