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Just enjoying coffee while walking around
Found a perfect coffee taste for me
That tastes differently this time
Found a perfect coffee taste for me
Handsome young guy using earphones and looking involved in thoughts
What could be better than time outside with favorite music?!
Always annoying part of listening to music
Favorite music on and i'm ready to go
A little bit of coffee and i'm ready to go
It's right the time to go for a walk
Handsome young guy adjusting earphones and looking up
A little bit of coffee and i'm ready to go
Listen, let's have a little talk
Like strolling around with favorite songs
Trying to clarify the info
So, what are you going to tell me?
Something's going on, and i don't like it
It's great time for a walk outside
Well, this looks not bad at all
I've got a new trimmer for your hair
How could you comment the situation
How could you comment the situation
Nice to meet you
Totally involved in work thoughts
Handsome young guy trying to figure out the earphones problem
A little bit cold for a walk
Come on, your father is the best at hairstyling!
Exchanging messages with old pals is always a pleasure
Young man standing in profile
When new work info came up unexpectedly
Handsome young guy listening to music and looking on cup of coffee
This coffee doesn't go with music
Handsome young man holding coffee and showing thumb up
Set and ready for a perfect walk time
Considering places for a walk visit
You can do better, man
Handsome young guy with earphones
I'm such a scatterbrain today!
Perfect job, man!
Getting through all these e-mails could be hard
Favorite music on and going for a walk
Happy to make your acquaintance
Flipping through list of tasks for today
Thinking about all the work stuff
Just sit down and relax, he's gonna make your hair look amazing
Don't you forget about our agreement, ok?
Ok, give me a minute to get this
Totally involved in work thoughts
I've lost 10 kilos!
Call center agent wearing headset and listening carefully
Handsome young man listening to music and drinking coffee
Last days before pay day
Yeah, we definitely need to do something with it
You're doing well
Your seat is 17a by the window
Quite impressed with this info
You know what i mean
Yeah, i'm all ears, what are you saying there?
It's important to listen to safety announcements
Totally involved in working process