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Flipping through some last fashion news
It's been two hours of memes' scrolling
Finding ideas for some new project
Working in some nice office atmosphere
Selfie is always a good idea
Young woman sitting at a table in a modern kitchen AI
A lot of work yet to do
Working on drawings
Woman reading a newspaper in the kitchen AI
Should we drink a coffee, huh?
Coffee break during the work day is essential
Like to rewatch some old postcards
Enchanted by this letter
Guessing how i should change drawings
A lot of architecture work to do
Routine making calls time
Enjoying time for myself
Don't look at me, i like cactuses more than roses
Well, my favorite seems to be thirsty
Design drawings process got me pensive
Folding clothes that have just been washed and dried is my favourite type of asmr
Succulents are my favourites
Elegant young woman sitting at the table
It needs love and care just the way we do
My job here is done
Smells even better than a perfume
Coffee time
Being an accountant isn't easy
Enjoying time just for myself
Enjoying my morning cup of coffee
Trying to get some atmosphere here
Enjoying my morning cappucio
Young girl working on the computer on work desk
What a nice thing it is
Deeply involved in reading things
All study time just for myself
All study time just for myself
Enchanted by this letter
Working on some architecture stuff
Guessing about new work ideas
Feeling a little bit tired already
Food with figs gonna taste jutst great
Feeling a little bit tired already
Architecture work requires attention
Discovering new things through reading
Checking this letter
Enjoying my coffee and book in the morning
Immersed in thoughts about work
Cup of coffee and moment of silence is just needed
A lot of thoughts after the reading
That's all that you can say?
Working on fresh drawings
I made a strange dish
Good work result is all about concentration
The creative process of planning your day
Numbers require attention
I'm responsible for this little one
Being an accountant isn't easy