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Thinking about possible new ideas
Guessing about all these ideas to be involved
Thinking about what picture to create
Involved in artistic thinking process
Gonna work at real mastepiece here
Well, it's time to create perfect picture
Getting ready to draw a masterpiece
So, let's add some more colors, huh?
Painting process got me pensive
Drawing is quite my hobby to do
Needlework keeps your brain active
Sometimes art is not even what you create, but how you do it
Preparations routine before work process
Seashells crafts
male embroiderer
Just taking a minute to think over the ideas
Creative process
Creating some new architecture
If you want to develop your skills, practice as much as you can
When you are about to make something really ink-redible
An artist in the making
Money won is twice as sweet as money earned
Good looking young man holding binoculars
Art creating time we're gonna have
Young, creative, independent
He's got professor potential
Healthy Lifestyle
When you're really interested with the book
Trying my best artistic skills
Have some ideas on my mind
Giving a thought to all these ideas
Being an artist isn't easy at all
Thinking that this gonna be just great
Thinking about what should i draw next
New masterpiece is about to be created
Well, let's start creative process, huh?
A hobby to relax and show all my imagination
Work that requires precision and accuracy
Guess, it's time to start the artistic work
Agony of creative process
Thinking about ideas for painting pictures
A minute to consider ideas what to draw
Work day is about to start
Seashells crafts
Ready to start sailor's work day
Drawing is vision on paper
Proud sailor sitting at the table and holding rope
I'm gonna be one of a kind with this self made look
In the world of colours and shades
Ready for hard work day
Seashells collection
Revising some last drawings samples
In search of inspiration
Time to create a masterpiece
When it comes to house work, i'm a total geek
Having few thoughts before work day
Practice makes perfect
In the world of colours and shades
Handsome athletic man posing on the background of the apartment