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Looking cool with my iota
This is ripple
Let me remember... this is bitcoin
Why do people close their eyes when making wishes
At a business meeting
I just have no words, but i'm feeling happy
Ethereum is really cool
Nem is my favourite
Iota coins are so fabulous!
Enjoying friendly communication
People can see only one of my sides
Remember how iota coin looks
Attractive young man holding a ripple coin
Laying a scheme to do something
This is monero coin!
Invest in ripple
Remember, this is iota
Invest today to be wealthy tomorrow
Invest in nem
This is what ripple looks like
Young handsome man in a white t-shirt
Young man holding ethereum coin
Man in shirt posing
Young handsome man in white t-shirt
This is what bitcoin looks like
How are you, i haven't seen you for ages!
Nem will bring me wealth
This is what monero looks like
Sharing ideas with colleagues
This is called... nem
This is what ethereum looks like
"m" means monero
Giving from the heart
Young handsome man in a white t-shirt
Everything is perfect!
Predicting crypto future
Monero is a great investments
Ripple is amazing
Showing innovative ways for business
It's so easy!
Remembering that touch
Don't worry, smile and be happy
Ready for a new day
Just being myself
This is my to-do list
Ethereum is awesome
I'm sorry, i didn't want to offend you
This is what bitcoin looks like
This is ethereum
This is what nem cryptocoin looks like
Just look at this currency of the future
Charming smile
Guess the gesture
Hey, do you see this too?
Don't worry, smile and be happy
This is what iota cryptocoin looks like
Bitcoins... lots of bitcoins
Sharing ideas with colleagues
Ripple, ripple on the wall, who's the richest of them all?