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Portrait of a young business woman sitting at her desk and working on a laptop AI
Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
She's got a deep insight into her work
I can't fall asleep, the cut-off is tomorrow! brain, get up!
I'm so not in the mood for all this work
Such a stressful day
Side view of a man sitting on the floor and working on laptop AI
Broken heel, my ex is womanizer, the deadline is tomorrow, but i want to close my eyes and do nothing
A pause and a moment to care about my appearance
Coffee doesn't work
Coffee doesn't work
Oh no, it's not time for a headache
I'm blocked, stuch here, can't provide any idea
Handsome teacher thinking about something
Breaking point
Are you out of your mind!
Thinking about new work ideas might take a while
Searching for inspiration
Seems like i need to take a break 'cause my eyes hurt a lot
Need a minute to think over all these work decisions
Businessman working in the office AI
And the numbers of tasks keep growing and growing
I can't believe it
Give yourself a break
Oh i'm so sleepy today
This call made my day
Young man doesn't know what to do
Do i have desire to work today? well, not a lot
Pensive young teacher sitting at the table
Give yourself a break
Man sleeping in the kitchen AI
Young businesswoman looking stressed and tired
I need to relax
Such a stressful day
Tired young woman sitting in front of her laptop
Woman sitting at a desk in an office AI
Young woman in the office AI
Coffee doesn't work
Oh, feels like i've been working too hard
Well, i hope it will work out
She's exhausted
Drained out of energy
Preparing a report for a meeting
Aren't you sweet
Work of mind
Taking time to relax and unwind
Young man sleeping in bed with a laptop AI
Oh my, i can't believe it!
I can't believe it
Young man touching his head
Time is money
Oh yes, i've got a promotion!
No coffee, no workee
How did we let this happen?
Young asian woman looking upset while doing online shopping
Portrait of a businesswoman working in the office AI
If only fantasies could come true
Seems like i need to take a break 'cause my eyes hurt a lot
Businessman working in the office AI