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White-bearded man getting ready for christmas
Old man giving a christmas gift to his woman
Bearded man with a bunch of christmas gifts
Wow! so many gifts!
Prepared some gifts for my grandson!
They are saying in unison: i got you something...
Gosh, you are my santa!
I hope he likes it
Senior woman giving a christmas gift to her husband
Elderly man with a cup of coffee AI
New generations should learn from this
You're doing just great!
Old professor touching his beard and reading a book attentively
I wonder who gave it to you
There is much to be done
Old man doesn't like christmas
Here's a little present for you
Yeah, he does funny stuff sometimes...
Leave me alone or i'll rip your head off!
Santa eating a cookie near a stack of gifts
I'll get you anyway!
Yes, this is what you wanted!
I got you something
Will you allow me to give it to you?
Front view of a smiling old man near the screen raising hands
Old professor holding a book and seems like talking to someone
Bear in a sweater and hat AI
Well, and what we're gonna do about that?
Front view of an excited old man near the screen crossing hands
You're too good to me, darling
That's a funny way of giving gifts
My goodness, he really knows how to treat me!
When you are overdoing it
Wow! so many gifts!
Wanna guess what i got you for christmas?
You're too good to me, darling
Fantastic! i really needed that
Well, this crossword puzzle is too mind boggling
No, don't open it, try to guess what there's in the box
This digital device is quite a thing
Well, i prefer quality over quantity...
Our kids are so nice to us
Old professor holding a book and pointing on it
Bunches of christmas presents
Excited mature professor adjusting eyeglasses
Have you read this article?
Santa claus drinking coffee while reading gift lists
Trying to enter the depth of human soul
You leave me alone or i'll twist your neck
So, what is it this time?
Grandparents looking at each other while her granddaughter playing with toy
Let's talk about this subject
Front view of an old man sending an air kiss
How long have you been feeling like this?
Senior woman got excellent socks for christmas
How would you describe your mood?
Senior couple exchanging christmas gifts
So, what is it this time?