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I've been trying to remember something
All fresh and ready to go
All my dreams are narrowing to some sleep
Got much on my mind from the very morning
Contented barechested young man standing wraped in towel
Doing some morning beauty routine
Barechested young male holding a towel on his neck
Feeling better on this side
Do you think it would work?
Facing the routine
Feeling myself just great, you know
A woman 's face is covered with a towel AI
Barechested young male with 'sick of' facial expression
All balanced and relaxed about this morning
Facing the routine
Hard road to what's called 'quite accurate'
Feeling hopeful about this day
Attractive young man touching his chin with his hand
Involved in some morning thinking process
Barechested young man with nice smile holding a toothbrush
Barechested young man standing in profile
Contented barechested young man holding shower on his neck
Handsome young man feels that his shoulder hurts
Adore time for myself in the mornings
Gotta try my poses for future photoshhot
Do you like my new tattoo?
It feels really good, you know
Do you like my new tattoo?
Don't say me i've lost some hair
Feeling cool about this day
Feeling better on this side
Barechested young man with his eyes rolled up holding a comb
Feeling sure and ready for the day
Got a work to do, huh?
Feeling happy about this day
I still don't understand the point of it
Facing the routine
Feeling a little bit lost today
It feels really good, you know
Facing the routine
Handsome young man sitting with his eyes closed
Barechested young male smiles
Are you ready for this week?
Dreaming about summer already
Handsome young man seems slightly irritated
C'mon, i'll get you a mask too
Barechested man slightly smiling and touching his chin with a hand
Barechested young male standing in profile with his hand elongated
Facing the routine
Barechested young man with a smile on his face standing in profile
A little bit confused with all this
Barechested young man shaving with al electric razor
Barechested young man feels pain in stomach
I'm doing just good
Handsome young man with wide smile on his face
A woman 's face is covered with a towel AI
I've been doing a lot of exercises
A little bit puzzled and confused, you know