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It's time to take some coffee, i think
It looks like a good cup of coffee
Some coffee to make my brain work better
This project is so tiring
That's an interesting idea
Working on a big project
In the middle of his working day
Enjoying my favorite drink
Immersed in working process
I feel like taking a nap
Man in a modern office AI
To find a good meme you must become a meme
This video is hilarious
Such an interesting article
You used to call me on my cell phone
Once again, this is not the office of the president
Checking morning newsfeed and enjoying coffee
Bittersweet memories
Just a turtleneck and sweatpants, and you?
My eyes are so tired
My family and friends say i should stop overreacting but i can't hear them exhaling dramatically over the hand covering my face
One of those days
Come on, that's unbelievable...
I hate making phone calls
What does it even mean
Feeling hopeless
Time to forget about everything and feel the sunlight softly caressing your face
When you've run out of ideas and still thinking
This is the cutest thing i've ever received
Having a lot to think over
When will i finish this project?
Serious intentions
Ah it feels hood
Chatting with colleagues
Immersed in work stuff
I'm going to fail
Doing some stretching
Surfing the web
Check out this app, it's amazing
I feel like a squeezed lemon
A man in a suit sitting at a desk AI
Reading his favorite magazine
A man sitting in front of a window AI
Two minutes into this conversation and i'm already having an existential crisis
Enjoy the silence
No you hang up first
This idea giving me a hard time
Lately i've been into fancy reading
I know what ya thinkin' and i like it
They think i'm watching something important but i'm just checking myself out in the screen reflection
The moment of lonely sadness
A moment of disappointment
Coffee and news are morning ritual too
I can't explain what i'm feeling
Wish if i could have five more minutes of sleep
I'm sorry... what did you say?
Really serious
Thinking about you
Oh no, that's so funny, i forgot to go to work again
Ready to face all those troubles