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How is that even possible, huh?
I enjoyed the party too, honey
Are you sure this info is true?
I'm listening very carefully, babe
Well, yeah, you're right, i guess
No, i don't wanna do that
I wish i was in vacation now
So glad to hear, such a good news
Do you think it will work out?
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
Please, say no more
Upset young woman
Job interview
Trying to remember what i was about to order
Did she really do that?
Honestly, hun, i've stopped following you like five minutes ago
Oh, say again, i was just so immersed in music
Activities through day make you lose power
Do you think it will work out?
I wanted to respond that
This is my favourite colour
Discussing great things that are about to come
Indian woman holding eyeshadow and eye brush
Everything seems not so bad, huh?
Getting negative feedback from a client
Asian female office employee looking bothered with phone call
How is that i can't buy it?
And you decided to tell me this just now?
Friend tells you about her latest crush
Are you being serious?
Smiling girl talking on the phone and adjusting her hair
I'm like happiest person on the earth right now
I'm listening to you, girl
Hm, you're thinking?
Gosh, i'm already tired of listening to her
Or should i go for darker colors?
Did you really wanna present this?
And what if we change plan a little?
Charismatic and confident
Oh. my. god. he did w h a t??
Talking to colleagues
You were saying what?
Young woman sitting on the floor and using a smart phone AI
Look, i think it's not meant for the phone, let's meet and discuss it
Are you talking seriously?
Well, which one is the best for my skin tone?
Great news that you just discovered
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
This call made my day
Making expressive eyes
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
Glad to find like-minded people
'yeah, exactly, that's the idea of it'
Feeling myself like a little girl today