When you buy a paint roller to your paint brush it gets obvious there's some serious work ahead
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Lilac paint brush
Now when i have a tape measure i'm determined to measure everything i can reach and even more
The purpose of this instrument in my house is purely decorative as i would never ever ever hurt a tree
This should be enough to recreate the sistine chapel in my kitchen
The brighter your working tools look the happier you feel at your workplace, i'm not making the rules
They said i needed to use it to measure things, but i have to be honest: this thing is round and not very convenient for this purpose
This is a rasp. or at least i think so. sorry, i'm not that competent in things like this
Sports equipment
Yellow bath sponge
Easy to use color cleaning sponge
Art therapy
Washable and ecofriendly
House painting
Now when i can pound nails into things and then pull them out to pound them back again, i'm never bored
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Yellow lunch box
Gotta try that score twice cut once thing
Be careful out there
Disposable kitchen roll
Multicolored pencils
Basic effective sponge for dish washing
Food container
Well pressed - well dressed
How love blossoms
They said i'd need those for my house makeover but honestly i only know how to use like two of them
Beautiful yellow pumpkin
If you look from the distance this glass wiper looks like it's disappointed in you, which is also true
I like to carry my hacksaw with me all the time to show people i'm a big carpentry enthusiast, but for some reason they draw some weird conclusions out of it
Good for house painting
Bright tools for easy work
Ever since i bought it i feel a constant urge to paint everything metal i'm able to find, scrape it off and paint it all over again and i'm not gonna let logic get in my way
Look dangerous and are actually dangerous, what a simple thing this tool is
Colorful plunger for releasing stoppages from plugged drains
Gotta make this room look fancy
Ready for fixing stuff at all times
Pink microfiber duster
Dish washing is no more a hard job
This is my favourite tool, i do everything with it, and would do even more if i knew what it is for
Easy to use color cleaning sponge
Are you ready for a sponge bath?
Plastic toilet plunger with t-shape handle
I like keeping all my instruments in the same colour scheme, just because
Bright orange paintbrush for painting your room in happy colours
It can handle burnt frying pans and standart dirty dishes
Sports equipment
Be careful out there
Sports equipment
Mmm, yummy!
Arranging tools is the most important part of the job, if you spend less than an hour on it you are doing it wrong
Be careful out there
Well, let's start the beauty routine process
Drawing is vision on paper
Great for washing dishes, soaking laundry and performing other household tasks
Pointing your way to a colorful life