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Concerned mother and her upset son
And why did we start to watch such a sad film?
And the numbers of tasks keep growing and growing
I'll never understand how she can watch this show...
Preparing a report for a meeting
In the middle of work process with the team
Children and technologies
Taking advantage of new technologies
Analyzing project progress
Searching for inspiration
No, i don't wanna hear about this contract anymore
Asian female office employee looking bothered with phone call
In the middle of creative process
A pause and a moment to care about my appearance
At work you have to face different problems, including colleagues' judgement
Nothing starts without a good plan
Ordered wrong size and it's too late to cancel
This call made my day
Aren't you sweet
Arguing about all these details
Happy mother and son listening to some musis together
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee
Guess, we've chosen not the best fil for a date, huh?
Thinking about new work ideas might take a while
Children and technologies
If only my boss knew how much i'm not into it
I can't fall asleep, the cut-off is tomorrow! brain, get up!
Design drawings process got me pensive
Hey, what's happening there?
What did i get myself into?
Lazy vs hard working
Girls have all the fun while i try my best at doing work
Totally immersed in the work process
A big future ahead of you, dear...
She's so upset because i'm more successful than her
Oh my, i can't believe it!
Deciding all these work things
If only fantasies could come true
Oh no, it's not time for a headache
Arguing about all these details
Can't believe she really did that
And what does she think she's doing?
Aaaah! i've had enough of this!
Emm, have you ever seen a tablet before?
Oh that's so annoying, i can't stand it!
At work you have to deal with all different things
What did i get myself into?
Oh yes, i've got a promotion!
Drained out of energy
I knew you would be shocked
And how she could've done it, huh?
Any suggestions on how we can improve it?
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee
Seeing the bak account after shopping is tough
Woman sitting at a desk in an office AI
Wake me up when it ends...
Chatting with friends during her break
Customer support manager at work
Do you really think i'll believe you?
Let me help you, mom!