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Happy family with newborn baby in the bed AI
Sorry peach, but it's your turn to play with the kid now
Look mommy i'm tickling kitty's nose!
This is not a cat, i call him a cat_astrophe, don't let this cute little face fool you
An efficient way to teach a kid to care about the others
Their first proper hug is going pretty well so far
A baby with his mother AI
They said it is one of the kindest breeds of cats ever, but considering the look he just gave me that fact didn't relate to the families with kids
Mum is gonna like the kitty more than me
Family bonding time
I want to try one too
We are happy bunnies
Safe and happy in her mother's arms
What a wonderful fluffy friend i've got, look
You are my candy girl
Smiles are everywhere
My precious little girl
Person with his son in the living room AI
Spending more time together is always better
Close-up a female master and her brown bulldog biting a toy bunny
Look who's there? is that your granny?
He's got two eyes and one little nose...
Young mom holding and hugging her little daughter
Mother holding baby in the bedroom AI
Brush, brush your teeth every morning, every night
Close-up of a brown bulldog playing with smiling female master looking aside and smiling
Young woman sitting on a couch AI
Oh, look how he's smiling
Time with these two is a pure tresure
Does kitty like his lunch, mommy?
Paying attention to this little guy
Paying attention to this little guy
This tug of war game is always a losing battle, at least for the cat
Time with these two is a pure tresure
Who would have thought that adopting a cat would influence the child in such a nice way
Don't trust their calmness, they are accumulating the energy so once the lunch is over they could turn the house upside down again
Nooo he is gonna scratch me, he's gonna scratch me with his claws!
Surprisingly, they get along pretty well together
Taking care of this little cuteness
Couldn't get enough of this mother-daughter bond
Yeap, playing mum is always fun
Little kid girl with stethoscope and wearing medical hat curing a cat
What a beautiful dog you are
Cute little girl holding a teddy bear
No family can resist bonding over a cat
Having some mother-daughter time
It's so great to see her laughing
Looks like he doesn't like this ned food a lot
I love you, mommy
Sleep well, my sweet pea
Hope this little guy is feeling better right now
Here is a little bunny, he is so kind and funny
Young female cuddling with her little poodle
Little girl happy with her pets
Hey, take this, think you're gonna like it
Can't stop caring about you
Side view of a smiling female in checked shirt hugging her bulldog