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In line with modern technologies
Hi, can you see me?
Let's see what's new there
Little professional
This tablet is cool. i approve!
In line with modern technologies
This camera is the best!
Hm... i need to set it up better
Who's a selfie pro here?
Adorable baby boy sitting in highchair and holding tablet
Taking pictures is my favourite thing in the world
Impressed with some digital stuff
You are such a fast learner!
Having fun with my mom's phone
It's such a cool stuff
We didn't see it coming in the book
Let me help you, mom!
Children and technologies
I think i have an idea
Little more powder and i can go out
Immersed in some reading
Happy with the result of her work
A big future ahead of you, dear...
Smiling young asian woman doing online shopping
In the best of my moods!
Saying hello to classmates after long vacation
Schoolboy standing and reading something from the screen of his tablet
Three adorable kids binge-reading
Being 'work from home mum' is fun
Here, i bet you'd like this book too
Oh my, i can't believe it!
Cute little girl using a tablet
This tablet is cool. i approve!
Let's see what's new there
Ok, let's begin our working day
This camera lense is just great!
Got involved in reading this
I've got a message
Enough studying for today
Primary schoolgirl holding an opened book and finger up
When i do my household chores well, my family is happy
Trying to figure out what's there
Trying to draw mum's attention
Hmm, what should i write here
Cute little girl looking surprised
Who has a sweet tooth here?
Technology for education
Exploring the digital world with mom
You should do as you was told to
Little schoolgirl looking thrilled about new digital tablet
It's a great story, you should read it too
Focused on getting a good outcome
Thumbs up for holidays!
In great mood after reading a coll book
They love spending time together
Focused on figuring out how to use this
Don't make me angry, or you'll regret it!
Did teacher say something?
Your methods of work are a bit outdated, daddy
Carrying heavy books? i prefer modern technologies!