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Pink microfiber duster
This brush helps you to exfoliate and brush away dead skin cells
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Wanna get rid of cellulite?
Using wooden objects to save the ecology
Lunch box
Going for wooden objects for everyday hygiene
Dry brushing improves skin health
When you buy a paint roller to your paint brush it gets obvious there's some serious work ahead
Dry brushing improves skin health
Pink household bottle with white cap
Wooden hair brushes are gentle and durable
Make some foam
Famous for producing no static
Make some foam
Dish washing is no more a hard job
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Easy to use color cleaning sponge
The purpose of this instrument in my house is purely decorative as i would never ever ever hurt a tree
Use yellow in your home decor
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They said i needed to use it to measure things, but i have to be honest: this thing is round and not very convenient for this purpose
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Great for any season
Are you ready for a sponge bath?
Soft disposable paper handkerchiefs
It can handle burnt frying pans and standart dirty dishes
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Yellow lunch box
Give your hairstyle more bounce, curl and volume
Round brushes are notorious for getting stuck in hair
Wooden brush with natural bristle for dry body brushing
Using wooden objects to save the ecology
Pink household bottle with white cap
Make some foam
Nice piece of pottery
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Dual-sided cleaning sponge
Pink plastic comb on white background
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Basic effective sponge for dish washing
Great for washing dishes, soaking laundry and performing other household tasks
Kitchen tool for removing the outer skin of some vegetables
Round pink ceramic vase
Ever since i bought it i feel a constant urge to paint everything metal i'm able to find, scrape it off and paint it all over again and i'm not gonna let logic get in my way
Vegetable peeler
Pink ceramic vase
A can of sour cream
Plastic box suitable for packing snacks
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A can of sour cream
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