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Commandant cousteau and i are ready to sail!
Painting process got me pensive
Ok, let's start the working time
Here you go, love, take a bone
Thinking about what should i draw next
Makeup gives me confidence and doing my hair helps me to relax and just feel the moment
Well, he's definitely a beauty routine lover
Drawing is quite my hobby to do
Nooo he is gonna scratch me, he's gonna scratch me with his claws!
Look at him, he's so sweet
Taking care of this little cuteness
Adore this little creature
I will cherish my keepsake forever
When work is a success and you're super happy
Fluffy assistant
Sometimes art is not even what you create, but how you do it
I adore my little patients
Seems like i've got a lot to think about
He's grown up so fast
My adorable fluffy patient
Image of a woman holding a teddy bear AI
Finding ideas for some new project
Let's mend your paw, honey
They look alike in some way
Taking care of my little buddy
Well, let's start creative process, huh?
A woman standing in front of a mirror AI
Famale sailor sitting at the table with marine rope on it and holding sailor cap
Mr cat likes his beauty routine time
A man in a white shirt sits at a desk in front of his desk AI
Dog getting ready for a walk AI
Agony of creative process
Thinking about ideas for painting pictures
Young caucasian man holding buddha statue
They are clearly enjoying each other's company
Young woman holding old rotary phone and looking distracted
What a sweet fluffy creature
A hobby to relax and show all my imagination
Working process is much better with cat
Look mommy i'm tickling kitty's nose!
Mum is gonna like the kitty more than me
Okay then, bye! see you later
What a beautiful dog you are
Writing down some thoughts
None of us didn't expect this
Work time is about to start
Getting mr cat a decent look for today
My spitz friend is such a sweet boy
Young girl sitting and holding a spitz dog
A girl with a teddy bear AI
Doing last checks before letting this catty home
Giving a thought to all work ideas
Taking a closer look on things there
This tug of war game is always a losing battle, at least for the cat
Got some fresh mushrooms
Getting ready to draw a masterpiece
Enjoying my morning cup of coffee
Special teddy to remember a special person
A woman in her office AI
Spending time with my doggy friend