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When you meet your friend after a long time
Look at that boy... isn't he cute?
Haha look at them!
What on earth is that?
How cute is that!
Sharing emotions with each other
Look, that dog is so funny
Eww do you see that?
Just another day at uni
Casually beautiful
Not my hair, please!
She doesn't want break up with me, does she?
Discussing some uni stuff
Just leave me alone!
Girls talks
They got to know each other yesterday and they're already a couple!
That kind of joke that only you and your best friend understand
You deserved it!
That's what loneliness looks like
Dance like nobody is looking
Happy teen couple having fun
Two young women listening to music and dancing
Before you fight, use your head
Gosh, she's off her rocker!
I'll never go out with you!
I could really strangle you sometimes
Stop gossiping about us, please
So who do you like more, me or her?
This music is amazing!
She understands me like no other girl in the world
How are you, i haven't seen you for ages!
Inseparable duo
Girls talks
These lovebirds get on my nerves
I'll show you what is what!
Mean girls judging everyone
Mean girls judging everyone
We are best friends for ages
I'll give you a lug!
You betrayed our friendship
Inseparable duo
A little bit of gossip is not harmful for anyone
I just can't believe my ears
Two young girlfriends chatting and laughing
Couples can be annoying when you're single
Young woman found her boyfriend embracing another girl
She's so funny when angry, i can't help laughing
And i thought we were friends!
How could you do that?
Look at these losers not wearing party costumes
He's mine, not yours
Yes, now tell me that you're just friends
That kind of joke that only you and your best friend understand
I could really strangle you sometimes
Do i even have to explain why i hate you?
You're so nice to help me, really
Have you seen her new boyfriend?
Mom, just don't tell anyone, okay?
He's mine, not yours
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