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The smartest kid in the block
Let's see what we can do here
Ready to solve problems
Four plus five equals...
Is the universe expanding or contracting?
Let's see what we can do here
Don't understand what's happening
The highest level of concentration
Be quiet in the library
Can't get through this mission
Not the best result in gaming
You know folks, my jokes are really so much of fun
Arms crossed
Gaming triumph
Creating a new joke isn't easy at all, you know
The world belongs to those who read
Three-quarter view of a male football fan with colorful face art raising fingers
Running out of time and trying to sum up everything in five minutes
Always in connection
Digital art selected AI
I'm fine and feel great
Elegant classic style is his choice
Working on bringing this story in the best possible way
How are you, i haven't seen you for ages!
Thumbs up for new technology
Oops, i might have said something i shouldn't
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Living in a world of ideas
Continue but i'm little terrified already
Man in casual clothes standing
No more work for today
A bit tired but ready to work
Positive thinking is the key to success
My perfect evening
Do you reall think it will work out?
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Oops, failed again
Confident and serious
Confident and serious
Always in connection
Can't believe i failed the task
Glad to find like-minded people
Failed again
How to create a 3d text effect in raster graphics editor software
I know the solution!
Telling jokes is really my biggest passion, you know
Arms crossed
Man in casual clothes standing
How is it possible that we have prepare ourselves for an exam in two days?
Man in casual clothes standing
Arms crossed
Friendly smile
Concerned young man with a smartphone in his hands
It is no laughing matter
Dreams of graduation
Laughing young overweight office worker talking on the phone
Just take a look at it
Oh, yeah, that's our biggest concern for now
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Practicing his oratorical skills