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Got tired a little bit
Coffee doesn't work
Coffee doesn't work
She's exhausted
Coffee doesn't work
Breaking point
Too many appointments...
Tired young woman sleeping at her workplace
Let's call it a day
This letter got me pensive
Like a squeezed lemon
All these flowers picking got me exhausted
Thinking over what i've just read
Young asian student in a sweater sleeping on the table
A man working on a laptop AI
Coffee doesn't work
Worn out by long working day
The coming day has much in store for us
She's exhausted
Such a stressful day
Male architect working at desk with his glasses up
Well deserved break
Taking time to relax and unwind
Emergency napping
Foreseeing perspectives
Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
Side view of a man sitting on the floor and working on laptop AI
A thoughtful female security guard touching her chin
This paperwork is seriously getting to me
Time to to catch a little bit of sleep
She's exhausted
Young man sleeping in bed with a laptop AI
Young businesswoman sleeping at her workplace
She's just survived the night shift
Coffee doesn't work
Man sitting on the couch and working on laptop AI
Coffee doesn't work
I need to relax
Young woman working on a laptop in the office AI
Work of mind
Hm, and what should i correct here?
Man sleeping on the couch AI
Gasping young asian woman talking on the phone, using tablet and doing online shopping
He just couldn't any longer
Worn out by long working day
Young handsome teacher sleeping on the table
Like a squeezed lemon
Bored young asian woman doing online shopping
Oh i'm so sleepy today
It was third hour of idea creating
Need a minute to think over all these work decisions
Young asian woman looking upset while doing online shopping
Dirty human hands after gardening
I'm so not in the mood for all this work
What am i doing this weekend? hmm, i don't have any plans yet
Foreseeing perspectives
Tired schoolboy sleeping on a bunch of books
Coffee and day dreams