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Hmm, do you have some opinions about that?
When you discover some huge news
Girls' coffee break time
Girls' chatting, coffee and just chilling
Those wonderful moments of friends' talking
It's hard to believe to some things
We always have a lot to talk about
Getting to know the latest news from friends
Girls, do you recognize this one?
And what for did we come here?
Having just the best time talking to my girls
Girls, have you heard what ahs happened?
Slow talks, coffee time and just meeting with my girls
It's so much fun when we're meeting with my girls
Business people working in the office AI
It's always so much fun with my ladies
Sharing gossips, rumours and just chatting
Girls, have you heard those gossips?
Great company and friends' talk
Facing all the boring work stuff in company of these ladies
Well, it's how we're communicating these days
When it comes to work hard, there's no desire
Are you thinking what i'm thinking?
When girls' conversation gets interrupted
Seems like colleagues are not the very best helpers
Spreading rumours behind collegue's back
Seems like we have a lot to talk about
We have different thoughts about that
It's always better to decide all the boring work stuff together
Two against one is bad example of teamwork
Well, do you have some thoughts about that?
Have a lot to talk about after break with my girls
What could be better than chatting and coffee time?
The best coffee time spending is with them
Their sense of humour is just on top
Just enjoying the time with my ladies
Guess, they're not interested in talking
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
When you see old friends sitting in the cafe
Yeah, 'cause we have so little time to surf in internet these days
Girls, can you believe this news?
Girls, have you heard the last news?
Catching up after long time-no see
Coffee after shopping
Yeah, noone didn't see it coming
Girls, have you seen this before?
Three girls having coffee and talking
When we're having the best fun time with the ladies
When girls' conversation gets interrupted
Sense of delicacy isn't about my colleagues
Well yeah, talking a lot isn't our kind of thing
Talking about gossips with my ladies
Wanted to say something to us or what?
When it comes to work hard, there's no desire
Arguing about all these work things
Implementing our best work ideas
Girls, you should redo that, it's not good at all
Our colleague doesn't realize what she's doing is wrong
Great company and friends' talk
Trying our best at work