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Injections are needed, sweety
This little fluff needs a special vaccination
I can't see any problem, doggie
Stay still please, you are such a cutie
Please lie still and don't be scared
Focusing on pulse examination
Please, take away this thing, it scares me
Professional and caring
Heartbeat is normal
Ready for a full check-in
Attractive veterenarian ready to examine a spitz
He's such a cutie, isn't he?
How are you feeling there, mr cat?
Please sit still, i'm listening to your heartbeat
And what's that noise?
Help me, she's gonna kill me!
Dentist examining a patient 's teeth in the dentist AI
Female doctor with a patient AI
Trying to guess what's problem might be here
How fast does your heart beat?
Checking if this lovely one is totally ok
Practicing before switching to real patients
Who's wanna be first to get examed?
Talking about work stuff with the colleagues
Front view of a young female doctor taking mask off
Front view of a young female doctor in mask touching face
Let's mend your paw, honey
Giving a thought to all this work stuff
We've got some injections to do
Think, we might wanna check it
I always hated dogs
Don't be afraid, honey, it's just simple injection
Let's see what's bothering you
Ready for a full check-in
I'll be as gentle as i can
When you love your job...
Give me a paw, honey
Let's check your heartbeat, sweetie
My fluffy patient is so tender and obedient
You're such a cutie, don't be afraid
It's gonna be just a simple injection
So, that's what we look like
Doctor taking blood pressure of a patient AI
Ok, let's listen to this patient
They look alike in some way
Don't worry, i'll be gentle
Calm and confident
Let's get this cutie one a treat
Front view of a perplexed young female doctor with stethoscope holding thermometer
Well, how about we take this one into consideration
And who cures who now?
Front view of a young female doctor holding stethoscope
Obedience training
Front view of a young female doctor taking mask off
Please, don't hurt my doggie
I never knew my heart could beat this fast
How are you feeling there, mr cat?
Things got out of hand
I need to determine your blood pressure
It's her first day, don't judge