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I told you this 100 times!
Ok, let's see what's up there
The coolest selfie ever!
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Who wants to join me for a run?
Wow, i was moving really fast, huh
Well, seems like i'm stuck with the work for the weekend
When you try to smile sincerely but something goes wrong
Here, as you can see, we have a new model
Mom, this is the tenth time you're calling me today, i'm alright!
Goodness gracious!
Music is a great mood booster
No, that's you my little sweet one
I recommend you this model
Technology for education
Oh, they're so cute on this photo
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Oh, i haven't seen your image in a while
Just sit down and relax, he's gonna make your hair look amazing
Making a 'running' list is essential
Being socially active is almost like a work
Oh no, how could've i forgotten about this?
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Staying on the line and always ready to help
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I'm doing great, thank you!
Schoolboy making a selfie on his smartphone
How am i doing? like that
Schoolboy making a selfie on his smartphone
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What the hell is going on
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Stop shouting at me!
New device pieces needs time to figure out how to use it
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I'm not _looking good_ today, boy, i'm freaking gorgeous
Looking for right words to respond to this
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I didn't get to watch sakura petals this year so i'm gonna become one of them
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