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Dear me! what a shame!
Good god, i'm an old fool!
What have i done!
Leave me alone or i'll rip your head off!
I got something in my eye
Elderly man holding his head and looking distressed
Confused looking young overweight man closing his face with a hand
Beard stroking is a sign of contemplation
A fat man is about to cry
A fat man is about to cry
Good looking older man standing in profile
Having a lot to talk about here
Sometimes life can seem like a living hell
I feel like a mess
Negative emotions destroy me
Who me?
A man standing in front of an empty wall AI
Good looking aged man talking on the phone and touching beard
Trying to clarify the info
A day without laughter is a day wasted
Giving advices on how to solve the problem
He's got that too-innocent look on his face
Life is pain
Trying to remember what i was supposed to do
Don't know how i wound up here
Aged man looks totally involved in phone talk
Only he's always there for me
Side view of a young man in red pullover leaning back
It's all in your head
Give me your word you won't do that again
What a faux pas!
The captain of his own life
I need to think it over carefully
I'm all right, and you?
Let me tell you something, man
Excellent results folks!
Call center agent doing facepalm gesture
Too-full feeling after eating just a little too much
A man sitting on a bench AI
A man in a white t shirt and grey jeans AI
What a joy to meet you at last!
Thinking over which words would be good for a god?
Age and experience made him wise
A man in a white t shirt and grey trousers standing in front of a wall AI
Fear sees danger everywhere
Trying to get what's been said there
Man standing in front of a wall AI
Yeap, i feel like a million bucks
Vision test
Look, it's time for an adult conversation
You have no chance of getting out now
Thinking about life decisions
Couldn't have been better
Angry with myself
Realizing amount of work left to do
I still feel as fresh as a daisy
What's the problem, tell me?
What a sweet grandpa... or it just seems so
I've noticed that cigar aroma brings back memories
Call center agent touching headset and looking up