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Let's see who's gonna get more likes on our selfie from this gallery
I don't like making photos, leave me alone
A young man and woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop AI
Good heavens, her report is a complete mess
She's caught him red-handed
I've asked you to fix it, not to make it even worse
Autism awareness is important in modern society
Office romance
Online shopping makes me so indecisive
Even morning routine is better together
Businesswoman snapping her fingers
I'm waiting for you, hurry up
God knows
You shouldn't forget about that, ok?
Young couple with laptop in the living room AI
You've been cleaning it for past few hours
Makeup is my greatest passion
You beter be careful with this, you know
She doesn't understand me
She's looking thoughtful today
Colleagues looking at some work things on the computer
Changing roles
Kids these days get just blown away with tech
Checking out what he's watching there
Boss is unsatisfied with employee's work and telling her off
Predatory smile
How did that message finish in the corporative group?
Invading private space
Colleagues looking at some work things on the computer
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Still can't decide whether this tone was a good or a bad idea
Better ideas always hit the collective mind
I'm not _looking good_ today, boy, i'm freaking gorgeous
I need to know how it'll look like from all the possible angles
Working and relaxing at the same time
And now you wanna make responsible for that?
Guess, selfies with tongue out are popular nowadays
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
Five minutes before getting fired
Young office worker reaching out to touch his female colleague's butt
Man talking to a female colleague with surprised facial expression
God, keep our new backend from bugs and lags!
Well, what's your opinion about that?
Hey, be careful with that, ok?
Brainstorming with the coworkers
These moments of highest responsibility
Young couple in the office AI
Now a kiss!
Stop you, you're making me blush
Oh, this's terrible, i even can't look at it
Using team work mind efforts
Do you think i came here to see you updating your social media?
Working under pressure
Person and her husband looking at each other AI
How could've you messed up everything?
Do you see my point?
Focused on improving project's details
How did that message finish in the corporative group?
I don't feel like talking to people today
Working out the smallest details